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Eat Your Words: 125 Food and Beverage Themed Puzzles for Hungry Minds

I am thrilled to share that I recently published my first book!

Eat Your Words consists of 125 food and beverage themed puzzles and it truly is a feast for hungry minds. This book is a compilation of work that started many years ago and it has been a labor of love to put so much delicious information together in one place. The idea for this endeavor came to fruition out of my desire to satisfy the appetite for culinary knowledge in a unique and educational way and to make leading with curiosity in the kitchen fun and interesting.

Spend the morning sipping coffee and puzzling, keep this book in your briefcase or backpack and work the puzzles over lunch, or pack it into your carry-on for your next trip and learn on the go!

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It’s Time For Tequila

“Drinking tequila is more about the journey than the destination” 

~ Rainbow Rowell

Today is Cinco De Mayo so it only seems fitting that this post relates to the shining qualities surrounding tequila.  In my younger days, tequila meant nothing more than party shots and an almost certain headache.  Thank goodness I’ve evolved.  While shots still have their place, there is a much higher relevance for this fascinating distilled beverage.  Continue reading It’s Time For Tequila