Farm To Plate Recipe: Sustainable Sunday Brunch Made With A Farmers Market Bounty

“Food is about making an interaction with ingredients. If you talk to them they will always tell you a story” ~ Chef José Andrés

This food story begins with a Saturday trip to the Mill City Farmers Market in Minneapolis. I made my first visit of the spring season yesterday. The farmers market is an immersive experience for me and it was exciting to feel the energy of that environment again. Ingredients have a history and it’s wonderful to interact face to face with farmers and purveyors, and to hear them describe the essence of the flavors and origins of their products. There is an ambiance about it that is like no other.

The recipe I am sharing today is composed of all items purchased at the market. Read on for more.

Farmers Market Brunch for Two: Toasted tomato quick bread topped with herbed chèvre, grilled scallions and farm fresh eggs.



  1. Toast tomato bread and place 2 slices on each plate
  2. Spread 1 tablespoon of herbed chèvre on every slice of toasted bread
  3. Peel the eggs and set on top of the herbed chèvre topped bread, gently slice open
  4. Top with chopped scallions
  5. Season to taste with salt and pepper

Yield : 2 plated brunch portions

“Farm to Table…Ocean to Fork…and Vineyard to Glass.  We cast our votes in favor of the planet one bite, one sip at a time” ~ Lisa Patrin

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