Empty Nester Productions: DIY/The Outdoor Bar Project

“Think Outside, No Box Required”  ~ Author Unknown

DIY:  Those three letters conjure up excitement in some and hesitation in others.  John and I are in the former group.  We enjoy taking on home improvement projects together and we have long discussed the desire to have an intimate outdoor area where we can host gatherings on our beautiful Summer/Fall evenings here in Minnesota.

We decided to test the “If you build it they will come” theory.  Taking our passion for entertaining to the next level, we crafted this festive wood and tile topped bar where we can relax and enjoy quality time with friends and family.  It is located in a prime spot on our patio, near our lower level slider doors, making it feel like an extension of our downstairs social/seating area. Since its completion, they have come and we are creating a multitude of grand memories in this space.

The wood was purchased at Home Depot and the tiles are from The Tile Shop in Plymouth, MN.  The bar top was designed in such a way that the tiles can easily be swapped out/changed if desired.  The string lights are from Target.  The bar stools are from IKEA, they have been perfect for outdoor use.

Approximate time spent building/priming/painting the bar: 15 hours + 1 coat of primer and 2 coats of white paint

Wood: Approximately $50

Tile cost: Approximately $8-10 per tile (we used a total of 5 for this project)

Bar stools: $16.99/chair

String lights: Purchased for $10.99 on sale

Check out the photo gallery below and feel free to message us with questions!

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