Twin Cities Burger Tour: A Photo Gallery


“We all need to make time for a burger once in a while”  ~ Erica Durance

In the past 2 years John and I have devoted a plethora of time to searching out as many mouth-watering Twin Cities burgers as possible.  Sometimes we enjoy the company of friends and/or family on these outings, other times it’s the two of us.

When those cravings come calling we hop in the car or on our bikes and head out in search of that memorable and sometimes, gluttonous burger.  A few have been extravagant in their ingredients and toppings, some are stuffed with rich and decadent fillings, others are straight up meat and cheese (no changes or substitutions allowed).  There are days when we desire those moments of culinary complexity and others when simple pleasures are welcome.  The beauty of all of the burgers in our tour gallery is that every one was unique and magnificent in its own way.  Picking a favorite would be difficult so I’m not going there…

This is not the end of our infatuation with burgers, in fact it is only the beginning.  Who is to say how much is too much when it comes to the yearning for something so comforting and iconic?

As with anything in life, personal taste can trump popular opinion so I would love to hear about your best burger experiences.  Please comment and share your most memorable bites.

Enjoy the photo gallery!

Mercy Minneapolis





Haute Dish



Borough & Parlour Bar



Saint Dinette



The Nook

The Nook Burger





Bottle Rocket







Red Cow

Red Cow Burger DechutesFestival


George and the Dragon



Pittsburgh Blue



Iron Tap



Groveland Tap






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