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The Whistler Trilogy + Recipes for St. Patrick’s Day

“Whiskey is liquid sunshine” ~ George Bernard Shaw

I was thrilled to receive the gift* of The Whistler Trilogy over the holidays. Staying in place is more the rule than the exception right now and I have been spending a lot of time experimenting with new flavors & ingredients in the kitchen and in our home bar.

The Whistler Trilogy is a “series of whiskey based expressions” and includes the Beekeepers Select which is Irish whiskey with honey liqueur, the Distillers Select Double Oaked whiskey (this one is small batch, triple distilled) and the Blenders Select small batched Irish Cream liqueur. They were all produced by Boann Distillery

Boann Distillery is an Origin Green Sustainable producer and is owned by the Cooney family. The distillery is located in the heart of the Boyne Valley in Meath, Ireland, around 30 minutes north of Dublin.

“Combining their family traditions and technical know-how, Boann’s Master Distiller, Family Beekeeper and Master Blender, came together to craft a whiskey-based trilogy that showcases some of the finest whiskey, smoothest honey and freshest cream that Ireland has to offer.”

“Our specially designed and distinctive nano-copper stills and fine oak cask cellars, ensure we produce a whiskey of distinct character with a real sense of place.” ~ Boann Distillery

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