Consider Me Caffeinated: A Global Espresso Art Gallery


“Adventure in life is good; consistency in coffee is even better” ~ Justine Chen, North of Beautiful 

My search for the perfect cup of coffee knows no bounds.  I am ardent and unapologetic regarding my caffeine infatuation.  Whether it is our weekend latte treks in the Twin Cities or when traveling abroad,  I am always on the hunt for the consummate coffee experience.  While the quality of the java holds high significance, it is as much or more about the venue and who I’m getting caffeinated with that matters.  Sipping a morning espresso alongside the locals at the Mercado De La Boqueria in Barcelona or slipping into a café near the Campo De Fiori in Rome with John are a couple of my very best café memories.  Today I am sharing some of my favorite coffee occasions through photos.  Enjoy and please share yours with me, I look forward to seeing your pics and hearing your cafe recommendations.  Read on if you would like to learn more about the definition of espresso and the associated terms.

The name espresso comes from the Italian word esprimere which means “to express” and the first espresso machine was invented by a man named Luigi Bezzera and was patented in the early 1900’s.  The invention was born out of his desire to make coffee faster. Espresso means fast in Italian, hence the name.  Water is forced at high pressure through finely ground coffee, shortening the time necessary as well as heightening the flavor and richness of the final product.

What it all means: Espresso Terms

Cortado: Espresso topped with flat steamed milk.

Latte: Espresso and Steamed Milk.

Americano: An espresso shot that is diluted with hot water.

Cappuccino: A shot of espresso that is combined with foam and steamed milk.

Mocha: Espresso with chocolate syrup and steamed milk.

Doppio (Espresso Con Panna): Espresso topped with a dollop of whipped cream.

Red Eye: A cup of brewed coffee with espresso.

Ristretto: Espresso with less water, this is a smaller and more concentrated.

A Barista as defined by Merriam-Webster: A person who makes and serves coffee (as Espresso) to the public.

I would like to extend kudos to all of the talented baristas who by their experienced and artful hands, have made my mornings brighter.  You know who you are…





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