Eat Your Words Culinary Puzzle


I am thrilled to be able to share my Eat Your Words Culinary Puzzle with readers of the Empty Nesters Kitchen blog.  I created this themed activity several years ago for two reasons.  The first was to further my own education in regards to the enormous culinary world that envelops us.  The second was to formulate an avenue to publish what I learned in a fun and engaging way.  You can look forward to the exploration of a multitude of appetizing topics.  Including food, beverages, international ingredients, cultural dishes etc…

This is a re-introduction as Eat Your Words ran weekly in the Minneapolis Star Tribune Taste section a few years back.  I hope you will take the opportunity to give it a try.  Print the puzzle and fill it in or jot your answers down on a piece of scratch paper.  I am working on the ability to fill the answers in online so stay tuned for that.  I plan to release new puzzles regularly.

This is an activity that can be done alone or shared with a friend or partner.  It’s a great avenue for starting a delicious discussion!

Since it is a Friday morning and so many of you are loyal to your daily cup of Java (myself included), the first theme is: Coffee Beans

Answers provided at the bottom of the page









  1. Boston
  2. Crema
  3. Bean
  4. One
  5. Caffeine









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